Breaking Through

Coaching is a powerful tool to facilitate changes, for individuals, teams, or organizations. Work with me and our team, we are supporting you to get the breakthrough results you have been longing for.

individual coaching

Coaching for me is to provide space for exploration. Sometimes in life we just need someone to listen to
us, to allow us to voice our thoughts and ideas out loud, and to encourage us to look beyond our own
boundaries for other possibilities and answers to our questions.

Work with me one on one. I am committed to offer you a trusting and caring space to explore. Through
mutual dialogue and powerful questions, you will understand better of yourself, gain clarities, overcome
challenges, obtain new insights, and grow more love for yourselves.

I am specialized in supporting your:
– Career development
– Personal and professional Growth
– Parenting Journey

Coaching can be offered in English & Mandarin Chinese.

group coaching

In group coaching, you will be working with a small group of diverse individuals who join to address a
common topic of interests. As a coach, I offer a process to help clarify purpose, support exploration and
discovery, and design path towards success. Through facilitated process, you will also be able to
leverage the experience, resources, and wisdom of others as you work on a common theme but
different individual goals.

Join the existing Community of Practice or request to customize one for your group:
– Career Development
– Be the Best Version of Yourself
– Smart Parenting

team coaching

As a Partner Coach with Rosentall Coaching, we have a team of experienced and dedicated coaches who are ready to work with you and your team to achieve your specific goals.

We leverage a Systemic Team Coaching Framework to support teams in small & medium companies and
corporate organizations. Within a team, a systemic approach consists in understanding and enhancing
the interfaces and processes between team members rather than focusing on the team members

Get in touch and see how we could collaborate to support your team.

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