Procrastinate? My first post – choosing bravery!

We all, probably at different times and different stages, have procrastinated for something that is important to us. Here are the strategies that have worked for me to get my first blog post up and running.

What have you been procrastinating for? For me, at this time, it’s writing my first blog for my new website. It is exciting and also daunting. What should I write? Should I start off sharing my career journey? Should I share how I am dealing with changes and uncertainty? Should I emphasize how I am passionate in supporting my clients to achieve what they want? Should I include my personal learning in raising my children? How should I categorize my future posts? Those are just some of the questions running through my head, for a while. Instead of sitting down and answering those questions, I just put it aside, until months later, the present moment – I know I want to start, not I have to. 

Does it sound remotely familiar? We all, probably at different times and different stages, have procrastinated for something that is important to us. Today, I decided to leverage the strategies that have worked for me. 

  1. Start with the Why? 

Why consider blogging in the first place?  I know I have a lot to share and I enjoy it. I want to share my true self, connect with my audiences in different ways, and offer valuable and useful resources. What could go wrong with it? 

  1. Make the thought public

Although I am still not quite ready, I am going to start off my first post, and let others know I am doing it. Responsibility is one of my top strengths, so once I have made it public, I know I am going to act on it.

  1. Set a deadline

I am a ‘pressure-prompted creature”, a nice name I learned for people who are last minute and deadline-driven. I know having a deadline will help me get things done, period. Today is the day. 

  1. Accept my perfect imperfection

As a non-native English speaker, I am not confident about my writing. I almost certain will make simple grammar mistakes and my writing is not as fun and fluid as others. But so what? Even my six-year olds know, “Practice makes perfect!”. 

  1. Go together

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. I am grateful to have partners along this journey, who will share ideas when my head is blowing, give me the courage when I doubt myself, push me through when I am lazy, celebrate the success with me, big or small. Want to be my guest? Please do! 

Now, my imperfect but authentic self is here in front of you. If I want to encourage others to take challenges, I should start with myself. I am still the one who has committed to support others to confidently move toward their next goals, whether for work, home, or somewhere in between. 

I will write what I learned about coaching and career development, about my personal journey as a coach and as a parent, and include other valuable resources. I thank you for staying with me to watch this transform! I hope you enjoy this journey with me, as the brand name LGU Journey states: a Journey of Learning, Growing and Unifying.

PS: How do you conquer your procrastination? 

PPS: I am also writing in Chinese and my WeChat channel is: LGU Journey.

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